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What a beautiful quote, with much truth in it. When you immerse yourself in your bliss, whether it be a craft or hobby or way of life, gardening, knitting, writing, painting, we seem to be more aware of avenues to take it down, or possibilities to expand it with, until that bliss is truly a defining part of who we are. Thanks for sharing this inspiration.

"until that bliss is truly a defining part of who we are" ... that's a lovely way to put it.

For some reason, accepting our "bliss", our creativity and happiness, seems so difficult for so many people. Yet it is an intrinsic part of our being, without which we are essentially disabled, much as if we cut off one of our limbs.

You're right that this is such a time for many of us. The "rollercoaster of emotions and energy levels" well describes my last two years. I looked up the word bliss, which means great joy or happiness. The search for what that is at this stage of my life has been part of my recent journey. I like the image of doors opening.

I'd be tempted to say its just another menopause symptom, except that (1) I'm past the main menopausal symptom stage, and (2) men are telling me they're experiencing it too.

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