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Beautiful photos. I don't which part of the Cascades you are in, but I spent a week climbing around Stehekin. Do you know it?

Stehekin is in the North Cascades in the northern part of Washington State, almost to the Canadian border. I am in the South Washington Cascades, right on the Oregon border (the Columbia River is the state line.)

There is so much to see and do in the Northwest, it is all so beautiful, and I've barely scratched the surface. I figure a person could live here 100 years and they'd still be finding something new to get into everyday.

Kitty..your area looks like heaven on earth...do your sinuses bother you? mine would plus allergies with all that rain.

just wondering..beyond that..pure heaven....and beautiful photos..you should do a photo book:) you are so talented!

Happy New Year from NJ:)

Yes, the sinuses do let me know they exist :). However, I haven't had the serious hay fever that I used to, living in the South, and in any event the trade-off is worth it to live here.

About the photography ... I was very attracted to photography as a teen, but as life progressed, I got involved with other things. Perhaps now is the time. (Well, obviously, it is ....) :)

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