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What will be will be Kitty. You've had a hellishly traumatic year, you've survived and become all the stronger for it.
Sometimes you might not feel it, sometimes it might all seem too much, but that's what friends, and taking walks by the creek are for. And you have friends, and a creek!

Always look on the bright side - Life of Brian. :)

Kitty, good advice posted...I can add what my older Italian sister tells me, which is everything works out for a reason...you may not realize it when it happens but it happens as its supposed to be. Look at that Katrina led you to Oregon and Washington and a new life. That alone is amazing. Its a brave new world for you and you are a survivor. I will remind you to get your Gloria Gaynor on and sing "I will survive" for you will girl..you are woman, hear you roar and you are one amazing W-0-M-A-N!! And fierce and we Gay Men know fierce, honey..so you go Girl....be proud, be you and continue to be free...Love, Hugs, Good Karma and free to be you...the good, the tears, the joy, the love, the hurt, the pain....you live in the moment and then let it go..on to the next adventure....You are Kitty....no pun intended but hear you R-O-A-R!!!

i have found i write so i can remember, too

all the best with your new challenges - your steps are not in vain

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