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Sadly a phenomenon like Katrina that destroys a community is only going to be truly understood by those that suffered through it. I always meant to go to Mardi Gras. It was on my long list of things to do one day: now sadly that day will never come, at least in the New Orleans I grew reading about. It will be different.
When you live in a city, you take everything for granted. You see your neighbours day after day, but you never really get to know them until a disaster strikes.
Perhaps the 'community that was', though spread all over the US, might actually grow closer post Katrina.

This latest addition to your blog is a sad, but true, commentary on the lack of sensitivity, compassion and understanding that still exists in our world. Fortunately, this is slowly changing as more and more Light comes into the planet raising consciousness. In the meantime, it is best to follow your wise lead to seek not to be understood.

Kitty, Randi Rhodes on Air America made the same points you did on the insurance issue (she has her house in Florida and suffered damage from Hurricane Rita...she has a mortgage and is required to carry flood insurance..her flood insurance company cancelled her policy and blamed the damage on wind damage..and the wind insurance she had..they said her damage was due to flooding and wouldn't pay her claim....so, as she said, she had to get new insurance and pay a huge fortune since the Mortgage company was going to call in her Mortgage and foreclose on her.

As she said, first of all if you weren't in a flood zone (i.e. Mississippi, you couldn't get insurance) and where you were, they refused to pay and in the mean time you still had to pay a mortgage on a house that was no longer in existence and also pay rent...

I am so angry at what this current Administration has done...we need a Marshall Plan for the Gulf and instead Haliburton gets the Marshall Plan of cash in its back pocket....to the tune of billions to Bush's and Cheney's cronies!!!



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