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Hi Kitty,

I have a hypothyroid (well actually my thyroid was 70 per cent enlarged and precancerous so it had to be radiated..as in radiation treatment which basically killed it) then it went from hyperthyroid (where you shed pounds by the second) to hypothyroid where you gain pounds just by breathing....Its a struggle for me daily..add in an irregular heart beat and my body produces too much cholestoral..the end result is I don't drink alcohol, rarely eat desserts, fatty foods, no sodas, rare I have sweets, etc...and still I do cardio daily and I have what I call the 8 to 10 pound bounce in a day (I can go up or down that much in weight) and stress has a tremendous amount to do with weight gain. I feel your pain and anxiety. So, even though I exercise daily with cardio and weight machines and watch my diet, I am still in that mode of body under attack. My doctor is always screaming at me. grrrr!! What I mean to say to you is do your best, get some cardio in, go slow (look at this as a life style..and daily helps a lot....bit by bit...walks, join a low impact gym, maybe yoga (my body just can't do those yoga exercises..I am not limber and tend to be a geek in coordination) and try maybe swimming....just don't beat yourself up over it...your body is in crisis mode and stress mode and so just be aware of food intake (even if you take in less..sometimes the body in stress stores all that food as you said for fear it isn't getting any more...grrr) and try vitamins...that helps...and don't beat yourself up...small baby steps....and remember to breath (I often forget to do that in exercising...and well, um, that's not a good thing.

give yourself lots of hugs..hugs sent from me to you:)


Even though I saw how my body changed the way it handled weight during menopause, which of course is also endocrine-related, this has still been surprising to me. It helps to know that it's normal (well, it's a "normal" response to "abnormal" circumstances)and that it won't last forever.

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