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Kitty....to me being in NJ..seeing an inter racial couple is an ordinary sighting. It never occurred to me that is something not often seen in Mississippi (Indeed 2 doors down from me is an interracial couple...two of the nicest people around here..but it is amazing how perceptions become reality in different parts of the world. To read your blog breaks my heart. I also know that in many parts of the world (even sometimes in my area) to see a same sex couple hold hands would result in their beating or worse...just for holding hands. That makes me sad, to say the least. Particularly, since I always remember my former partner feeling uncomfortable if I held his hand in public (and to me it was no big deal..he worried we would be bashed..I kept having to remind him that no one noticed or cared....(I also lived in what was known as the Gay enclave of the city I then lived in..but even when we left that area..a word was never said if I did that (or even kissed him at a stop light..and the Italian in me did......your blog entry makes me stop and think..but maybe I am either brave or stupid..I don't think I would not do that if I were in another area. I believe that there are ways to address it (I have been in not such safe places...and I can give a look like don't you even dare open your mouth...and say something...and that stops the person....(no I am by no means some huge imposing figure to get that across..just a look..) I have also stopped someone if they say something, whether a racial, anti woman, or gay slur.

I somehow think that you would handle it with your southern charm and wit and brevity..they would leave stunned and remember not to do it next time:)


a lot of times, humans discriminate against everything that they do not know much about
it's nice that you've moved to a place that is more open-minded > like you :)

I am more and more happy that I moved here :). There is a comfortableness with difference and diversity that is just refreshing. Part of my challenge, being here, is to learn to relax in this kind of environment. I have lived with my guard up for so long (well, it's in my DNA, given my families of origin).

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