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hallelujah :)
i've been hearing that lately a lot, too !

Congrats Kitty>..now you can be mobile and plant new roots that grow strong....and of course now you have the chance to also get yourself a job you like, get there (without being ticketed since I doubt the "excuse me Officer but that mean nasty lady, Katrina, swallowed my title and so I couldn't get a new registration) would get one far. You are on your way (in more ways then one:)

Congrats again....I also hope when you find work its what you love doing....as I have said you a woman of substance and of many talents:)


Thanks, guys (or guy and gal ;)). I'm starting to get comfortable with the idea that I can spend the rest of my life doing things that I enjoy and that I'm good at, and that can contribute something to the world -- and have that be a mutual thing. That seems so natural when you think about it, but it's not the way most of us were taught to approach life. I do believe that is changing, for all of us.

Hi Kitty

I'm glad that things are progressing for you. It really must be tough and a slow process to get all of these papers again.

If something like this happened in Australia, I'd like to think that they'd be a bit better at getting through this kind of paper work faster.

I hope that everything comes good for you soon and that you can do all the things you want and need to do :)

I think in ordinary times they would have gotten the replacement title to me a lot faster. They've had to hire temporary workers to help and are still overwhelmed.

It's good to hear from you, Alwaysdare.

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