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Wow. Thanks for posting that link. We were just talking yesterday about how badly we wanted to really know what was going on down on the Alabama & Mississippi coasts. We are only about 250 miles north in AL, but haven't ventured down since our visit which ended up being the weekend before Katrina. I did lots of volunteer work in shelters immediately after, but I struggle to figure out what I can be doing now. It's making me more than a little bit crazy, knowing that all that suffering continues just a little south of us. There are so many people who would like to DO SOMETHING. I am at a loss to figure out what. What I actually said yesterday was, "I'm tired of digging around for information and talking about doing something. Let's get in the car, go down there, and SEE WHAT WE CAN DO and then DO IT."

Hi, Kathy, thanks for posting again. You posted a while back about wanting to discuss the relief efforts from the "survivors' point of view, but I'm just now getting my head clear enough to be able to talk about it.

I just talked tonight with a friend of mine back in Bay St. Louis. I'm getting ready to write a blog entry about some of the things she said, but she did say that people are still coming from all over the country to help. A lot of students are spending their spring break working on the Coast or in New Orleans. From what I read on the Internet, many of them are finding it to be a life-changing experience. (That's gotten to be kind of a cliched expression, but in this case it's true.)

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