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Kitty, I am both crying and trying hard to breath...it is just so horrible. What a beautiful amazing community in the before pictures and the horrors of the after pictures..and then I think of that duplicated for millions of lives,homes, areas and deep down inside believe we will never be the same. Then I think of the Tsunami and cry more....and I really feel our President, government and the powers that be have forgetten the Gulf and so much to do and so little done....and why aren't we doing a Marshall Plan for the area...worse yet, the lives torn asunder for generations to come....

I cannot begin to imagine all you and those in the Gulf have gone through....it leaves me speechless, breathless and in agony..my heart aches and I want to scream all at the same time.


Thanks, Michael. Like I always say ... keep breathing! The feelings you describe have been like an undercurrent for me, as I've been doing what I've had to do the past 4 months. Reminding myself to breathe has gotten me through (it's been literally breath-taking - the tendency is to hold the breath, whether through self-protection or resistance.)

Now that I'm finally moving past this stage and getting ready to settle into my new home, I have a feeling I'll be addressing those feelings (I guess I could label them PTSD) more directly. Anybody reading this who knows a good PTSD counselor/therapist in the Portland area, I'd appreciate you sending me an email. Thanks.

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