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Um Kitty...so you wrote all about Willow...so, um, where is a picture of Willow...lol...come on..don't tease us like that....BTW, your blog entry is sweet and Tink has the greenest eyes I have ever seen on either a cat or human!

So does Tink now live indoors all the time or does she wander in and out......geez, I didn't realize female cats can get pregnant that fast..how old was she when she first got pregnant?..she still looks like a young kitty cat....


aw :) i love animals
willow & tink look like and sound like fine companions for you :)

Michael, hmmm ... I wonder where your picture went? It's in .jpg format, so your Mac ought to be able to download it. I was just telling Willow that her picture was on the Internet, so maybe I should delete it from this post and upload the image again.

Tink was only 6 months old when she got pregnant (this was her first and only litter), and that was 5 1/2 years ago. She was WAY too young to be having babies, IMO. Tink is a small cat, with delicate features, and her babies are much bigger, so thinking about conception with that big old tomcat ... yikes! my poor baby.

And yes ... she'd been hanging around my house for a while, and I'd resisted taking her in (I already had "enough" cats then ;)), but it was when I got a good close-up look at her eyes that I knew she was mine.

Marlaine, they are the sweetest and have made the last few months a lot easier for me. They have been extremely resilient with all of the car travel and living in other people's homes with other cats and dogs. I have a third cat, too, who will be an Internet star soon like her sisters.

Yeah..I got the pics to work..hee hee...Bad Mac...LOL

It needed a break too....in any event, beautiful kitty kats:) very sweet...well, Tink is just such a sweetie pie.....and Willow looks light like a Willow Tree...limber and on top of the book case....watching over her domain (saying..hmm...can I trust the humans to their own devices......I hope they don't get in too much trouble...I better watch out for them from up here...very sweet photos:)

Thanks so much for sharing them with you..and I am glad to hear that Tink is done with the Mother Business.....you know those Tom Cats....love em and leave em....hmm..sad to say I know a few of them in human form!


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