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Kitty, I look at the pictures and read the articles and of course having read your blog and looked at your own home's devastation and "numb" and "overwhelmed" and "tears" describes how I feel. I cannot imagine the pain and anguish you who are residents are feeling. I don't know what to say. Words are inadequate. I know it will take years to recover. But I think of the area's rich history and the fabric of society and bonds torn asunder and that makes me cry more. Such an amazing community in the area...gone in just a few short hours. The damage caused by Katrina still leaves me breathless and speechless. I really wonder how you all are going to be ok....has there been studies begun (like after 9/11...the federal government and hospitals in the area tracked the pollutants/toxins and the first responders who breathed in all that horror from the destruction. What about the families/children/post traumatic distress....I hope the federal government is providing what is needed in that regard.

I looked at your pictures with the temporary mail boxes and that was overwhelming......is there a plan in place for all the rebuilding? do the town leaders have jobs ready for the locals. I read where many non locals were getting jobs..I don't understand that since to me the people that surely need them most are all of you. I would think the government would make sure you all got first priority (and only priority).

I read an article by Anderson Cooper, who said he is reluctant to leave the area since he feels its important to keep reporting until something is done.

I fear that in the end the money, resources will not be given where needed and feel so sad for the fact that families and lives are torn asunder beyond repair in just about every case. I can only express my thanks to you for keeping your blog as you have with updates. It helps for me to keep it "real" since there is a very first person/live real person (you) sharing how things are happening and developing. I wish MSNBC had asked you to do a dairy. I know it would be full of reality and more important humanity.

Thank you for doing what you are doing.


Thanks, Michael. I started to write a reply to your comment and then realized it was getting rather lengthy, so I'm going to post my response as a blog entry. It's good to see you here. :)

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